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Hey! I was inspired by your awesome drawings so I wrote you some genderswapped faberry. I hope you enjoy!

            I can’t believe I’m doing this, Quinn thought as he sauntered over to Kurt. “Sup, Hummel?” he asked casually, sticking his hand in his pocket to hide the shaking.

            “Quinn… this is new.” Kurt looked up at the pink-haired punk with some confusion, then broke out into a nervous grin. “Seems like you’ve found a new way to express yourself. I like it.”

            “… Do you?” Quinn looked over the boy anxiously. If Kurt liked his look, there was a chance that he would as well.

            “Of course! It’s very… different than what you used to look like, but yes, I approve.”

            Quinn swallowed his grin, opting instead for a gruff response. “Glad to hear it.” He stopped and awkwardly fiddled with the red bandana tied to his bicep, unsure of how to continue.

            “So, do I need to force it out of your mouth?” Quinn looked at Kurt, confused. “Come on! You never talk to me. Obviously, this is about Ray.”

            Quinn gaped. “How did you know?”

            “Everyone knows!” Kurt scoffed. “It’s obvious.”

            “Shit,” Quinn mumbled. “He knows too? I’m so dead.”

            “Not at all,” Kurt replied primly. “At least not if you do something about it.”

            “And what do you want me to do? Ask him out to dinner? Fucking serenade him or something?” Anger and panic crept into Quinn’s tone.

            “Actually, that would probably work,” Kurt mused. A chuckle escaped his throat. “But really, I would just tell him flat out. You’re no good at subtlety anyway.”

            Quinn snarled. “Fine. I suppose I’ll just walk over to him right now, get down on my knees, and profess in front of the whole school how adorable I think he is. How much I love the little gold star he puts after his name, the way his voice echoes in my head at night, the feeling I get when he brushes by me…” Kurt stared at him wide-eyed.

            “Seriously, Quinn? This is way more than a crush. Go get him. Now.”

            Quinn looked down, ashamed of himself. “I can’t. I’m not brave like him, like you. I thought I had nothing left to lose, but it’s not true. I could push him even farther away if I fuck this up.”

            “Then don’t fuck it up,” Kurt said calmly. “Look, you know Ray better than anyone else at this school. That’s clear. You know exactly what he will respond to best, so go try it. Ray isn’t going to attack you for it. In fact, he’s probably much more open to the idea of you dating than you would think.” Kurt winked.

            “What? What do you mean?” Quinn demanded, anger and hope mixing in his voice as Kurt simply smirked and turned away. “Tell me what you mean!”

            “Figure it out yourself,” the boy called over his shoulder as he walked away.

            “Dammit,” Quinn sighed as he ran his fingers through his pink hair. There was only one thing left he could do. He slumped against the lockers, nervously plucking at his bandana. Could it happen? Really?

            There was only one way to find out. Quinn straightened and cast his eyes over the swarm of students filling the hall until he found the one pair of eyes he was looking for.

            “Hey, Ray? Could you wait up a minute?”

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